You may not know it, but today is a very special holiday in Virginia. April 25th is Tax Freedom Day.

We won’t be celebrating with fireworks, a parade and speeches, but we ought to. This year the average Virginian will work for 115 days solely to pay his taxes. So, from January 1st to today, everything you have earned has gone to the federal, state and local governments.

Working nearly 4 months out of the year just to pay your taxes is too much. We as a country pay more in taxes than we spend on food, clothing, and housing combined. The average American sends more of his hard earned dollars to the IRS than he spends on his rent or the mortgage.

The outrageous rate of taxation is one of the reasons I'm running for Congress. As a small businessman, I will be a voice of reason for taxpayers in Congress.

My two opponents are typical tax-happy Democrats, so there is a clear distinction between us. Career politicians can always think of a good reason to raise your taxes.

A few weeks ago, you and I and millions of Americans were responsible and sent the IRS a check. Now we watch our government spend our money irresponsibly on wasteful earmarks and pork projects. As a small businessman and with my training as an accountant, I can bring some sound – and sane – principles to the federal budgeting process.

Your contribution to our campaign can make a difference in the way Washington operates. I hope I can count on your continued support.


Copyright 2008, Friends of Keith Fimian