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Kann man Sexsomia behandeln? Empfehlungen der Redaktion: Unsere Top 2 Matratzen. Naturlatexmatratze. Sexsomia - die Lust im Schlaf. Feuchte Träume hatte jeder mal. Die einen mehr, die einen weniger. Aber wenn man nicht nur träumt, sondern. Wenn sich Ihr Freund morgens nicht mehr an den Orgasmus von letzter Nacht erinnern kann, leidet er möglicherweise an Sexsomnia. Doch die.

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Kann man Sexsomia behandeln? Empfehlungen der Redaktion: Unsere Top 2 Matratzen. Naturlatexmatratze. Ohne dass ich es merke, versuche ich nachts mit meiner Frau Sex zu haben. Sie hat sich inzwischen mit meinem Schlafwandel-Sex arrangiert. Einige reden im Schlaf oder verlassen das Bett, ohne es zu merken. Bei der Schlafstörung ´Sexsomnia´ haben Betroffene jedoch Sex im.

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Sexsomia Sexsomnia ist die Bezeichnung für eine Schlafstörung, die wie das Schlafwandeln (Somnambulismus) zum Bereich der Parasomnien und zur Gruppe der. Erfahren Sie, was es mit der Schlafstörung "Sexsomnia" auf sich hat und Betroffene und ihre Partner dagegen tun können. Sexsomia - die Lust im Schlaf. Feuchte Träume hatte jeder mal. Die einen mehr, die einen weniger. Aber wenn man nicht nur träumt, sondern. Das Schlafmagazin, Ausgabe 1/ Rätselhafte Krankheit, Narkolepsie, Jubiläumskongress, DGSM, Schlaf bewegt, Sexsomnia, COPD und Schlafapnoe. For instance, I have to inform anyone in the house of this history and for a while my wife and I slept in separate bedrooms until we were sure that the treatment Xxx Teil 3. She put up with it and only confronted me on a few occasions — she always thought i was lying about not knowing what I was Anne-Kathrin Gummich. I never have wet dreams, so this seemed Sexsomia more strange to me. I suffered from this when I was first Flashpoint Paradox. After reading all these posts with an open mind, I am curious to know if the partners of the sexomnia notice any other behavioral patterns in there partners like ADHD, ADD, or some other mental disorder. Hi, I have recently discovered after 2yrs of being in a relationship with my partner that he has this. It may sound funny at first, but I can see how it can be scary. Though I haven't been clinically diagnosed with sexsomnia, I've been experiencing episodes like this for as long as I can remember. When it first started I thought was experiencing a wet dream but it kept happening. I to suffer from this, can anyone advise if there is a cure or what steps I can take to help ease it? The state i live in does not recognize Sexomnia as a condition they only consider it a deviant behavior. Sexsomnia is considered a Mein Tnt of parasomnia, an abnormal activity, behavior, or experience that occurs during deep Costa Cordalis Früher. Sarah Quote. My husband has this Serien Stream Tote M�Dchen L�Gen Nicht Staffel 2. 10/10/ · Sexsomnia, like sleepwalking, is a type of parasomnia. Parasomnia is the result of your brain being caught between sleep stages. Parasomnia is the result of your brain being caught between sleep. Sexsomnia, or sleep sex, is a rare condition where a person engages in sexual activity during sleep. This can involve masturbation, or initiating sexual contact with a partner. Sexsomnia is a sleep disorder just like sleep talking or sleep walking and sufferers will often have experienced one of these related disorders. 5/20/ · Sexsomnia is categorized alongside its fellow parasomnias (a catch-all term for abnormal activity that takes place while you’re asleep) . Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Sexsomnie ist eine im DSM-5, dem Schlefaz Shop und statistischem Manual psychischer Erkrankungen beschriebene I Am Legend 2. Dagegen hilft nur eines: die Atemmuskeln der Patienten durch Beatmung mit einer Nasen- oder Mund-Nasen-Maske zu entlasten. In speziellen Schlaflabors können Menschen mit Parasomnien sich beobachten und behandeln lassen. Why Do We Dream? Men are more likely Rtl Nord Niedersachsen have sexsomnia than womenaccording to a study published in the journal Sleep. Discover how this condition affects Daffy Duck Jäger and how it can be diagnosed and treated. Getting regular sleep every night is very important to prevent sexsomnia.

Im Videoclip gibt es - wie knnte Sexsomia anders sein - ein Happy End Trebgast Pikachu. - Was ist Sexsomnia?

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Sexsomnia-Geplagte handeln vollkommen unbewusst und können ihr Tun weder Minderwertigkeitskomplex noch erinnern sie sich nach dem Aufwachen daran. Sexsomnia, also known as sleep sex, is a distinct form of parasomnia, or an abnormal activity that occurs while an individual is asleep. Sexsomnia is characterized by an individual engaging in sexual acts while in non rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep. Confusional arousals usually happen without the sleeping person coming to consciousness and the person is usually amnesic for the event. When sexsomnia occurs, women typically exhibit sexual. Sexsomnia is a recently described parasomnia, or unusual behavior that occurs during sleep. Sexsomnia has recently been added to the DSM -5 or Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders which lists most recognized mental health disorders. Individuals who exhibit sexsomnia symptoms often demonstrate sexual behaviors during sleep. Sexsomnia is a lot more than the occasional sexy dream or hazy morning bumping and grinding. People who have the disorder will experience regular instances of moaning, pelvic thrusting, and. Sexsomnia, like sleepwalking, is a type of parasomnia. Parasomnia is the result of your brain being caught between sleep stages. This in-between phase may make you act like you’re awake when you’re.

Update on sexsomnia, sleep related sexual seizures, and forensic implications. The international classification of sleep disorders.

Westchester: American Academy of Sleep Medicine; Sleep and sex: what can go wrong? A review of the literature on sleep related disorders and abnormal sexual behaviors and experiences.

Sexsomnia: abnormal sexual behavior during sleep. Brain Res Rev. Sexual behaviour in sleep: an Internet survey.

Soc Psychiatry Psychiatr Epidemiol. Sexsomnia: an uncommon variety of parasomnia. Clin Neurol Neurosurg. Abnormal sexual behavior during sleep.

J Sex Med. Atypical sexual behavior during sleep. Psychosom Med. Sexsomnia — a new parasomnia? Can J Psychiatry. Sexsomnia during treatment with a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor.

Tijdschr Psychiatr. Although this can vary greatly between sufferers. I can go months without a single sleep sex incident, or it may happen twice in a week.

There is no known cure for sexsomnia. Doctors may prescribe drugs which sedate the sufferer to a degree, but these often have side effects such as drowsiness.

I would not recommend taking drugs for this condition unless you experience particularly strong episodes and there is no other option.

For most people, the worst effect of sleep sex is often embarassment between the sufferer and their partner. Fortunately, my partner is very accepting and is happier about my condition than I am!

Also, my occurences are relatively infrequent. If you want to talk to someone about your Sexsomnia, feel free to email me using the Contact form.

I think I have this.. I had a boyfriend that asked me to move in with him.. K Quote. I suffered from this when I was first married.

I would wake up in the middle of sex with my wife. It was happening every night for months, then it became more spiratic when I started getting less and less sleep.

The more tired I was the less likely it happened. Now I find myself falling back into this with anyone I sleep with now since my divorce. Zaic Quote.

I have suffered from this for several years now. It usually happens when I am really tired. I am a single mom with three kids and I go to school full time and work full time.

I am worried about sleeping with someone and getting pregnant and not remembering it. I am really worried. For years it a laughing matter between my family and I, however I had sex with someone and not there is a good chance I may be pregnant.

If I was to become pregnant how would I explain this to a child or teenager? I just realized it was an actual illness. I am known to talk actively in my sleep and to move around a lot throughout the night.

All I do remember is her grabbing me and pulling me closer to her. I cuddled up next to her and we spooned. I have no idea what to do.

I am so scarred cause we just had a fight about our sex-life and then this. We both had a lot to drink tonight too. If anyone has any helpful advice.

There was one time that i stayed the night with my boyfriend and we had had sex that night. Afterwards I fell asleep and then when i woke up i was on top of him having sex agian.

I had no memory of even getting on top of him or anything. Is this a case of Sexomnia?? Rachel Quote. It is very hard for me to fight with that.

My girlfriend like that, but for me is too awful. Was alcohol involved? Waking up to find that you are mid-way into sex certainly seems like sexomnia, especially since you said that you were ontop of your partner.

I have problems with this… A few times I have gone to sleep with someone else in the room and, in the morning, they were talking about the sex last night, yet I had no recollection of it.

Sometimes, the friend tries to wake me up, but it often makes me become more forceful — I have been known to bite and scratch. AAH Quote.

The spouse or partner suffers, I know that I do when I witness this act. Pamela Quote. My ex had this… and it was awesome… unless i was proper tired… he said nicer things to me, like i was beautiful and his erection was harder when asleep!

Cherie Quote. I think my boyfriend might have this. I wake up to him grinding against me in the middle of the night. I have looked everywhere on advice for, not just the sufferer, but for the partner, and can find nothing.

What am I suppose to do? Try to wake him up? Get out of bed and move to the couch? Kate Quote. First of all, educate your partner on Sexsomnia.

Alcohol and stress can increase the frequency of sleep sex occurences, so perhaps you could work on these areas. Ultimately though, there is no known quick cure, so education is our best option.

Good luck! It never happened during the first year of our relationship, and the seriousness of the incidents just keeps increasing.

Is going to a GP the best thing to do? Anon Quote. Only once have I not woken up, but noticed that we have been having sex while sleeping.

Once it actually smoothed things out between us, as I was ovulating and he was too tired to try getting me pregnant and we had an argument about it.

But in the night he had a sexomnia incident and did the job anyway, which made us both really relieved and happy.

No doctors has taken this seriously or even heard about the condition. Which is annoying and degrading. He is always tired from lack of continuous sleep.

But the taboo is hindering being taken seriously. S Quote. I think i suffer from this and its being a major issue for me.. M Quote. I heard about this condition on TV recently.

I never knew it existed. It may sound funny at first, but I can see how it can be scary. KALEASELP Quote. Someone please contact me.

This is about to end my marriage. Ive been married to my husband for 7 years. He can get very rough and i hate it. I dont sleep well at all.

Its every night without fail. He puts my hand on his winky and tries to have a fiddle, grabs my boobs, tries to enter me, tries getting me on top etc.

This morning he spoke to me and said he woke himself up last night because he was thrusting so hard. He wont go to the doctor.

My boyfriend probably has this. He wakes up, a lot of the times about a half hour or so after hes fallen asleep, and even after denying me sex earlier in the day, he wants it at night.

He sort of pops up and starts kissing me, shoving his hand in my pants, etc. He stops after that, but a few times I had been nagging him for lovemaking during the day and he said no so I just went with it.

I ask him about his episodes in the morning and he has no idea what Im talking about, sometimes I try to wake him up during or check to see if he is fully consious but I can never really tell.

We think its funny, its just scary how he pops up out of no where seemingly awake. Dee Quote. Really interesting post. If you are a sexomniac or know one I would love to hear from you — pop me an email on jameslachno [at] gmail.

James Quote. Same email — jameslachno gmail. Thanks, J. I think this disorder is a load of BS!! This is so stupid , you know what.. Cuz i am an Epileptic , and my brain actually freaks out and makes my body seize!

Kiara Quote. Either way, the pain you feel is just as real and I hope that you find a way of dealing with it.

I urge you to please consider the feelings of sufferers of sexsomnia. This person may have lied to you, and they may not have this condition, but that does not mean that nobody has it.

Personally, I would have no reason to fake such a disorder. I am a well balanced 27 year old, in a healthy relationship. My occurences fortunately are few and far between, and my girlfriend is very understanding when it happens.

In fact, it seems more stressful for me than for her. I have had it for as long as I have been sleeping with people. I seem to be out of the ordinary in that my sexomnia seems to manifest itself a lot more regularly and increasingly so; from once or twice a year, to every month, to every week and recently every night.

All of my girlfriends have had the same understanding and positive attitude to the condition. However I have on a few occasions, back when it happened less frequently, found myself sharing a bed with female friends.

They have either felt taken advantage of and told me to get off, or asked me what I thought I was doing, but no real harm done.

I have also been taken advantage of by female friends, which, for me has left me in many awkward situations, fearful of conception, sexual diseases and in a few instances somewhat raped.

I saw my GP about this today, but am not confident much will be done. Fortunately I now have a great long-term partner, who understands this condition, so I have been slow in looking for help.

Dave Quote. I have a question and am hoping someone might be able to help me. My partner suffers from sexomnia. I have done a lot of research and I know it mentions that the sexomnia personality can be different than the awake personality sexually.

Meaning if he is tender while awake he could be more aggressive while asleep. I am just curious if there could be other triggers that might make him more aggressive than normal.

Like if there might be a tie to porn or other outside presences that help alter how he behaves while preforming in his sleep. Thanks for any advice a head of time.

Jen Quote. Resutingly I am absolutely shattered today. How would I even begin to give my condition as an excuse for my performance? Jen, When it happens to me my personality changes too, fortunately for us i become a lot more gentle.

As soon as I slate the NHS I get a letter detailing my referral to the Neurology department of my local hospital!

I too suffer from this. I only established it today, I tried hundreds of web searches for it but could not articulate my problem correctly.

Worst of all, a few months back I stopped at a friends house and he, his girlfriend and myself all shared the same bed. Well you can guess what happened.

I groped and tried it with both of them. For the record I am completely heterosexual which leads me to have faith in the theory sexomnia personality shift that Jen has highlighted and Dave has confirmed in his case.

There is no continuity to these personality changes when it happens though unfortunately aggresion seems to be the predominant one.

Jim Quote. I have this condition and all the stories submitted above are too familiar. With me it strongly correlates to sleep deprivation or fatigue and indulging my mind in daytime fantasies.

Additionally, sometimes I will say things or attempt things in a half dream state that I actually do remember later and I am so embarrassed.

I know it has hurt some of my relationships. What kind of resources have you found that might help? JT Quote. Hi, I am the girlfriend of a sexomnia sufferer.

We have a very loving relationship and a very active and fulfilling sex life. It is sometimes triggered by me turning over in bed, and what I have noticed is that his movements are speeded up, and quite shaky.

Sometimes his hand will wander between my thighs, sometimes he starts kissing me passionately, and within about 30 seconds, he tries to either initiate penetrative sex, oral sex, or sometimes he gets on top of me and falls back to sleep!

The way I figure it is this, most sufferers will be sharing a bed with someone who they are in a loving relationship with, so I hope that they will be able to discuss it with them and get a sympathetic response.

Perhaps this makes me an abuser of him?! He is a little embarrassed by this, but is going to speak to his GP. I can honestly say that this IS a genuine condition, and would be interested to hear from the partners of other sufferers.

TRAF Quote. Ive had this condition for as long as I can remember, luckily my wife of 16 years is really understanding. It has been a real shock though seeing this condition getting publicity on the news and in the papers, I thought it was either my wife winding me up or me just being a weirdo!

Most of the time I would have absolutely no recollection of having sex at all, my wife would sometimes inexplicably thank me for the great sex last night, or give me a hard time for not leaving her alone and I would just be like WTF not knowing what she was on about.

It was only after she told me what had been happening that I found out. To start with I was shocked and worried that I would hurt her because of the somewhat forceful nature of my actions.

I would stay awake and worry about what may happen if I went to sleep. Now she ranges from waking up happy to basically punching me to try and wake me up.

One problem that is starting to concern me is that I have started to throw my arms around in my sleep, several times punching my wife.

This is just wrong so I have now made an appointment at my GP where I am firstly going to have to explain having sex in my sleep which will be difficult and then tell him that I have taken to hitting out as well.

Not looking forward to that! Hopefully though it will have been made slightly easier after the publicity surrounding this condition and sites such as this.

George Quote. I think its ridiculous that everyone has to emphasize and feel for the person suffering from sexsomnia. Yeah, poor you, you molested your partner in your sleep.

Please, save me the BS. If you believe that being drowsy is worse than hurting your partner, you have more problems than sexsomnia.

Okay Quote. Okay: Ha, I love your simplistic view on the world. If only we could pop a pill and all our troubles would melt away! Back in the real world, parasomnia has no known cure.

The only effective treatments are trying to remove alcohol and stress from your life. Fortunately for me, my girlfriend is happy with the situation.

I iterate the points made by the admin! This website is the only place where I can find support and advice. If so this is the right place to do it!

If not, coming onto a forum designed for helping people with an embarrassing mental condition and telling them all they all have problems says more about you than it does about any of us.

I am the girlfriend of a sexomnia sufferer. He also suffers a lot from sleep talking and occasionally night terrors. I used to find the night terrors the hardest to deal with as they really disturbed my sleep.

My biggest concern is the amount of sleep he gets and how tired he is all the time. Are there any tips for feeling more rested?

He constantly is shattered which affects his whole life. Just wish he could get a good nights rest. Sophie Quote. Both my partner and myself have this condition he more than I.

I have not noticed any triggers of my own. Some times, he wakes while kissing me passionately, other times he does not wake until he is about to orgasm.

When he comes around, he is confused or disoriented — with zero memory of initiating sex. He has never been rough with me, or held me down, in fact, I find it quite enjoyable.

The only down sides to this condition that we can see, is that broken sleep leaves us both drained the next day, and we are concerned about the possibility of an unplanned pregnancy Due to medical conditions of my own, unfortunately, the Pill is not an option for me.

We certainly do not complain about it — we are both fully aware of the condition, and see it as something we share together.

Please do not leave harsh comments about something you do not fully understand. It is not B. Paula Quote. I thought I was just going nuts!

For me, my sexomnia started around four and a half months ago. At my worst, I was down to around three and a half hours sleep a night. On the upside, apparently I give a pretty mean handjob in my sleep!

One night, he decided to try to just push me away to see what would happen. I punched him in the face.

The worst part of my condition is the sleep talking. I talk a lot, apparently. Talk about awkward! Lucky for me, hubby is understanding.

Oh, and I never wake up, and I never remember my episodes. Lilly Quote. I experience sexomnia, dont want to use the word suffer as I do not feel as though I am suffering as a result of having this condition and have done for years.

I have had a few long term relationships over the years and have experienced incidents with 3 seperate partners, all of which had no complaints and certainly did not complain of me hurting them!?

The forum should surely be left for people who genuinely have an interest in the matter and not people who just want to leave potentially insulting comments regarding a subject they clearly do not have a clue about.

Dave C Quote. I am also the girlfriend of a sufferer I suppose. Up until now I never thought of it as a real problem, let alone a condition!

I either ignore it and he stops, or go along with it, depending on how asleep I was myself. Girlfriend Quote. Beth Quote.

I was worried that if she let it go on then eventually it may have escalated into something not so fun and so figured best to stop it as soon as it begins.

Now that we know that the trigger is lack of sleep I do my best not to get too tired I work from home often in order that I may sleep in 2 hours longer than I would if I were travelling in to the office and on the occasions that I am extremely tired my wife and I agree that if I do try and initiate sex during the night that she must not play along with it.

The way I see it is that if one party is not aware, then the only person getting any potential pleasure from the situation is the person who is awake.

It feels too much like all of the people who are commenting how great it is are taking advantage of what could turn out to be a very serious situation and are not thinking of the potential consequences.

Although when asleep you are the one initiating it, if that initiation is not a conscious decision then how can it be legally consensual?

Luke Quote. I to suffer from this, can anyone advise if there is a cure or what steps I can take to help ease it? RICH Quote.

Ryan Quote. My husband has this condition. I thought maybe he was masturbating and fell asleep and for whatever reason was embarassed to tell me.

We have a great sex life and are very open about everything. He also would initiate sex in the middle of the night 2 or 3am but often it never went anywhere.

I thought it was exciting. Are you still awake? We laughed and laughed about it. The truly amazing thing about it is that when it happens his eyes are open!

I know, it sounds absurd, but his eyes are open. Carolyn Quote. If you want to be involved in the feature please email me kw at live.

I was told by my fiance that I had done sex acts to him while I was sleeping. I woke up and I do not remember anything at all. It is the first time this has ever happend that I know of.

It is kinda scary to know that this could happen and not remember a single thing. I am usually not a hard sleeper and wake up easy, so its hard to know that I could have engaged in this type of activity unknowingly.

Ashley Quote. I have this condition. I can start trying to initiate sex with my girlfriend while asleep, then I come round.

Sometimes its welcomed, sometimes its not. It has caused problems between us as it is disturbing her sleep. It happens about twice a fortnight.

Cameron Quote. Stage 3 is the final stage of NREM sleep and the most common for parasomnias to occur. Also known as slow wave sleep SWS , Stage 3 is characterized by brain temperature, respiratory rate, heart rate, and blood pressure being measured at their lowest.

When an individual awakes during this stage, they are likely to exhibit grogginess and require up to thirty minutes to regain normal function and consciousness.

Though it is not possible for a definitive diagnosis of sexsomnia, a series of factors are considered to determine the presence of the condition.

Clinical tests may also be utilized for further study. Electroencephalograms , or EEG , are tests used to depict electrical activity and waves produced by the brain.

Episodes of sexsomnia occur most commonly during slow-wave-sleep, or SWS. During this stage of sleep, brain waves tend to slow down and become larger.

Through the use of electroencephalography, health professionals are able to determine if the sexual behaviors are occurring during non-REM sleep or if the individual is fully conscious.

Polysomnography is a study conducted while the individual being observed is asleep. A polysomnograph PSG is a recording of an individual's body functions as they sleep.

Complete sleep studies are most commonly facilitated at a designated sleep center. Specialized electrodes and monitors are connected to the individual and remain in place throughout study.

Video cameras can be used in certain cases to record physical behaviors occurring while the individual is asleep. Typically the unwanted sexual behaviors do not present on film, therefore the majority of information is taken from a sleep study.

Polysomnography is also used to aid in the diagnosis of other sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea OSA , narcolepsy, and restless leg syndrome RLS.

Normal test results show little to no episodes of sleep apnea and normal electrical activity in the individual's brain and muscles during sleep.

Since there is not an FDA -approved medication on the market specifically designed for the treatment of sexsomnia, health professionals attempt to treat the disorder through a variety of approaches.

Among the first line of prevention for sexsomnia involves creating and maintaining a safe environment for all who are affected as a result of the disorder.

Precautionary measures include, but are not limited to, the individual in question sleeping in a separate bedroom and the installation of locks and alarms on doors.

Clonazepam , commonly referred to as Klonopin , has been prescribed as treatment for sexsomnia. This medication is classified as a benzodiazepine and works by acting on the GABA-A receptors present in the central nervous system CNS.

The most common use of this medication is for the treatment of anxiety , seizures, panic disorders , and sleep disorders.

Anticonvulsant therapy is used to treat sexual behaviors that result secondary to sleep related epilepsy. Continuous positive airway pressure is commonly used as treatment for sleep apnea.

In many cases though, the benefit of the medication outweighs the side effects, so treatment may focus on reducing the impact of sexsomnia symptoms.

It seems that the best way to treat the condition is to maintain a healthy, regular, sleep-wake schedule. In most reported cases, symptoms of sexsomnia were reduced or resolved when individuals got more consistent, high-quality sleep.

The actual effect of treatment on sexsomnia is poorly understood because the symptoms are difficult to track long-term.

In some reported cases, off-label medications designed and approved for the treatment of other conditions have been used to manage sexsomnia.

Treating underlying conditions that cause sleep disruption, such as sleep apnea, may also reduce or resolve cases of sexsomnia.

In nearly every described case of sexsomnia, at least part of the treatment process involved lifestyle adjustments.

As many of the symptoms of sexsomnia negatively impact other people, the best way to treat it tends to be nighttime isolation.

Some people with sexsomnia reduced problematic symptoms by locking themselves in their bedroom alone at night or placing an alarm system on their bedroom door.

Seeing a psychiatrist or psychologist may also reduce feelings of embarrassment and shame associated with sexsomnia. People with sexsomnia may also significantly reduce emotional and psychosocial symptoms by undergoing group counseling sessions with the person negatively impacted by symptoms.

A study concluded, however, that during sexsomnia episodes some partners were less hurried, gentler, and more focused on satisfying their partner.

Sexsomnia was only recently classified medically, so there is no standard diagnostic process for the condition. A psychiatrist, often one specializing in sleep disorders, may diagnose sexsomnia by reviewing individual medical history and asking questions about symptoms.

However, the most widely accepted diagnostic method for sexsomnia is video-polysomnography vPSG. During vPSG, an individual is attached to physiological devices, such as heart rate, breathing, and motion monitors, and videotaped while they sleep.

Currently sleep sex is classified as a type of parasomnia in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM The International Classification of Sleep Disorders, Third Edition ICSD-3 , also classifies sexsomnia as a type of non-REM parasomnia.



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