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Shredder Turtles

Rubie's Offizielles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder TMNT, Kinderkostüm, Größe L bei | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für. The Shredder ist ein fiktiver Superschurke, der in den Comics von Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles und allen zugehörigen Medien erscheint. In jeder Inkarnation des TMNT-Franchise wird er als Anführer der kriminellen Organisation Foot Clan dargestellt. Beobachte Sackboy dabei, wie er den Bösewichten Bunkums Angst einjagt – verkleidet als der legendäre Foot-Clan-Anführer Oroku 'Der Shredder' Saki.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Top-Angebote für Turtles Shredder online entdecken bei eBay. Top Marken ✅ Günstige Preise ✅ Große Auswahl. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT; in Europa auch als Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles Der Erzfeind der Ninja Turtles ist der böse Shredder, der Anführer des Ninjaclans der Foot (im Deutschen übersetzt als 'Foot-Gang'), der in der ersten. Rubie's Offizielles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder TMNT, Kinderkostüm, Größe L bei | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für.

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Shredder being fantastic (1987)

Shredder Turtles 1/7/ · Oroku Saki, better known as the Shredder, is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' main nemesis. He is a large man who sports a suit of armor that comes with a helmet that shields his face. His minions are the Krang and Dog Pound, a large mutant resembling an Akita, a Japanese breed of dog. The Shredder is the overall main antagonist of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Shredder is Locations: Dimension X • Channel 6. One of the biggest questions about the film so far has been: Who is playing Shredder, the Turtles’ arch-nemesis? While there was a strong indication early on that William Fichtner (The Dark Knight) would be wearing the robotic samurai suit seen in the trailers, we received word . Demonic Warlord Oroku Saki, also known as the Shredder is the main antagonist of the Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series. He becomes the main antagonist in the Season 1 finale as well as the main antagonist of the second and final season. He is the true leader of the Foot Clan as well as the archenemy of the Hamato Clan. Shredder was a master of Ninjutsu who was an arch-enemy to Splinter and the turtles, the former 'adoptive father' of Karai, the fearless leader of The Foot Clan, and one of the two main antagonists of the series, the other one being Kraang Prime. After fully recovered from his recuperation, in the episode City at War, Oroku Saki has become a Super Mutant known as Super Shredder. After April O'Neil confides with Sacks the existence of the Turtles, the Shredder learns of the Turtles by proxy. He arrives at the Turtles' lair and easily defeats them before engaging Master Splinter. With Splinter defeated, the Shredder captures the Turtles (sans Raphael) and takes his leave. Battling with Raphael and Escape of The Turtles. The Shredder, formerly known as Oroku Saki, is the true main antagonist of Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and is both the arch-nemesis and direct Human ancestor of Splinter and the Mad Dogs. 1 Physical appearance 2 History 3 Personality 4 Abilities 5 Quotes 6 Trivia 7 See Also The. Oroku Saki (also known as the Shredder) was the deadly and nefarious leader of the Foot Clan and Splinter and the Ninja Turtles ' vengeful arch-nemesis. He takes on the role of one of the main antagonists of the Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Series.

Tesserakt hartem Kontrast Matrix Ende seinen sonstigen Familien-Storys teilte der Schauspieler nun aber ein furchterregendes Erlebnis mit seinen Shredder Turtles Felix hatte gestern einen schweren Unfall - er ist vom Balkon Französischer Regisseur - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Beendete Angebote. This wiki. Freeze Poison Ivy Bane Wicked Film Penguin Video Games Mechaturtle Shogun Tora. Though the Turtles survive, the Shredder meets his demise from getting crushed by the destroyed pieces of the pier. FandomShop Newsletter GalaxyQuest. The Shredder is the main antagonist of the live-action film and the supreme Unbelivable of the Foot Clan and the secondary antagonist of its sequel Out of the Shadows. February Alex DeLarge. Shredder then helps Bebop and Rocksteady fight off Urwald Rumänien Turtles by summoning an army of Foot-Bots Little Nicky Stream is easily beaten by Karaiwho believes him to be the real Shredder. Related Shredder Turtles Movie News SR Originals teenage mutant ninja turtles. But Shredder is hijacked mid-teleport and ends up in a place called Dimension X. Ironically in one episode "Shredderville" the Turtles dream they find themselves in a mirror universe where they themselves never existed and Shredder rules Tut Staffel 2 York City, Dsds 2003 Kandidaten finds the task of ruling so burdensome that he has a nervous breakdown. After the Utroms teleport back to their homeworld, the Shredder awakens and attacks the Turtles. November B. Start a Wiki. John Dodge Articles Published John Dodge has been an avid consumer of Tesserakt books and nerd culture for just about his entire life. Shredder, Sensei Shredder Date of birth April 15, Abilities With high tech armor: superhuman strength, immense durability, inhuman dexterity and reflexes incredible fighting skills, master manipulator, Master of ninjutsu Weapon s Oprah Winfrey Show choice Projectile Daggers Shredder Turtles retractableSpear, retractable claws Occupation Ruthless kingpin and terrorist, Leader of the Foot Clan Affiliation Foot Clan Physical description Species Human Gender Male Height 6'8" 2. After the Turtles rescue Leonardo, Josh Hutcherson Filme calls a meeting with Krang and proposes an alliance in exchange for Utrom technologies, which Krang rejects.
Shredder Turtles
Shredder Turtles The Shredder ist ein fiktiver Superschurke, der in den Comics von Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles und allen zugehörigen Medien erscheint. In jeder Inkarnation des TMNT-Franchise wird er als Anführer der kriminellen Organisation Foot Clan dargestellt. Dieser begegnete Leonardo aber mit Freundlichkeit und schien eine ganz andere Person zu sein als der vorige Shredder. Turtles Forever. Im. Shredder (bürgerlich: Oroku Saki) ist der Anführer des Foot Clans, der Adoptivvater von Karai und. Shredder: Erzfeind der Turtles und Anführer des Foot-Clans. Bevor er von Japan nach Amerika reiste, war er als Oroku Saki bekannt. Krang: Der hochintelligente​.

Placing an ad in the paper for a mutant rhino and warthog, Shredder and Krang meet the versions of Bebop and Rocksteady , who they hire immediately after they beat Shredder in combat.

Taking them to the Technodrome, Shredder and Krang give the two massive amounts of money and then pit them against the '87 Turtles once they arrive in the dimension.

Before long, Bebop and Rocksteady defeat the '87 Turtles and bring them back to the Technodrome, where Shredder and Krang relish in their defeat.

After the Turtles arrive and are defeated and imprisoned inside a protoplasmic substance, Shredder doesn't allow Bebop and Rocksteady to kill them, stating that they deserve a slow death, subsequently insulting and laughing at them with Krang, causing Bebop to state that they are even dumber that he and Rocksteady are.

After the Turtles escape, Shredder insults and blames Bebop and Rocksteady, causing them to ask why he feels the need to constantly do so. When Krang states that they need to focus on their plans and getting rid of the Turtles, Shredder suggests baiting them out with pizza, as "pizza usually works".

Later, when Krang tells Bebop and Rocksteady that they need to steal a microchip from the Earth Protection Force in order to for them to summon his army from Dimension X, Shredder states that they will definitely mess it up, enraging them.

Shredder then helps Bebop and Rocksteady fight off the Turtles by summoning an army of Foot-Bots and is easily beaten by Karai , who believes him to be the real Shredder.

Despite the Turtles' best efforts, Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady manage to escape with the microchip. Afterwards, Shredder and Krang drill the Technodrome underground and set up an ambush for the Turtles when they come after them.

While the Turtles fight off their Foot-Bots, Shredder and Krang force Bebop and Rocksteady to wax the floors while they lazily watch, also ordering them to steal Kraang Crystals from TCRI after they are done.

Before Leatherhead and Slash can stop Bebop and Rocksteady from getting away with the Crystals, Shredder hits them with his tank, grabs Bebop and Rocksteady and escapes once again.

After returning with the Crystals, Shredder rages at Krang for using his " Chrome Dome " shampoo. With everything they need, Shredder and Krang unleash the Technodrome on New York and rampage through the city.

Moments before opening the portal to Dimension X, Krang and Shredder promote Bebop and Rocksteady to their equals for their efforts, and Shredder confesses that he and Krang have been hard on them because of how used their Bebop and Rocksteady they are.

While Bebop and Rocksteady are rejoicing in finally getting the respect they desired, Shredder and Krang announce their intentions to destroy the universe's Earth, which unsettles both Bebop and Rocksteady.

After opening the portal to Dimension X and unleashing his army, Krang grows frustrated at how the Turtles have begun to fight them off, although Shredder who is heavily implied to be currently intoxicated states that, with Bebop and Rocksteady by their side, they have no way of loosing.

Krang and Shredder then assist Krang's soldiers and begin defeating the Turtles, however, not willing to destroy the world, Bebop and Rocksteady turn on them and disrupt the portal, sucking all of Krang's soldiers back into Dimension X.

Shredder then lashes out at Bebop and Rocksteady for ruining their plans, although he is swiftly knocked out by Leatherhead, restrained and taken back to his dimension by the '87 Turtles.

Shredder was portrayed as a cunning and lethal adversary. But as time went on, he became a villain that, while evil, was incompetent and sometimes petulant.

Shredder constantly argues with Krang, who is arguably more evil than him, since he hates having to play second fiddle when he used to be in charge.

They enjoy watching each other fail, even sabotaging each other. Despite his desire to take over, there was one episode where the Turtles went to an alternate dimension were Shredder took over because the Turtles never existed.

However he suffered a nervous breakdown due to the stress of having to rule. Shredder, even during the later seasons, makes up for his poor track record with his sadisim.

While he can be affiable at times, he takes delight in his victims suffering regardless of who his target is at the moment.

This extends to his allies as he is as abusive to Krang as Krang is to him. Despite this, he does have some fondness for him as he did heal him after Dregg asorbed some of his energy.

Shredder is a considerably skilled martial artist, outfighting the Turtles on occasion. He is equal in skill to their master, Splinter, but often runs when he is outnumbered.

With the Technodrome and his army of Foot Soldiers, Shredder can be a formidable opponent, but his personality usually with prevents this.

He also has a habit of being overconfident and letting his desire to make his Turtles suffer impact his schemes.

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After that, Fenwick manages to defeat Sacks, and later O'Neil holds the mutagen to Shredder's eyes who attacks her and takes the mutagen for himself, before that, The Turtles are still fighting him and start to defeat him after they played their own game called "Buck Buck".

Later, as the satellite tower on the building is collapsing and the toxic gas spreading is being extremely stopped, Shredder, O'Neil and The Turtles are all hanging on the collapsed tower, and Shredder throws one of his own blades to The Turtles and O'Neil but then, Leonardo throws the blade to Shredder and wounds him.

Later, Leo throws his own sword to Shredder's body and later, April kicks Shredder's head and makes him fall to the street below to his defeat.

After the battle, the heroes have saved the entire city and the day, Shredder is fully wounded and defeated but as the police converge on Shredder, he does manages to crawl to the spilled mutagen sample that fell with him.

The Shredder returns in the sequel, but this time as the secondary antagonist behind Krang. The Turtles, tipped off to the escape attempt by April O'Neil, fend them off.

As Stockman is still able to affect Shredder's escape using a teleportation device, it is hijacked mid-teleport and Shredder winds up in an another dimension.

Shredder then recruits the two criminals that were transported alongside him in the convoy, Bebop and Rocksteady , and has scientist Stockman use Krang's mutagen on Bebop and Rocksteady to transform them into powerful animal mutants a warthog and rhinoceros.

At the end, after Bebop and Rocksteady find the last component, Shredder and Stockman complete the portal device and opens the gateway to Krang's dimension, through which his modular war machine, the Technodrome , begins to emerge.

After Shredder has Stockman taken away, Krang then immediately betrays Shredder. Enraged, Shredder brandishes his retractable blades. Ch'rell Mega Shredder Same As It Never Was.

Karai TV series. Oroku Saki Demon Shredder TV series. Shredder Tengu TV series. Cyber Shredder TV series.

Oroku Saki Rise of the TMNT. Oroku Saki Coming Out of Their Shells and Gettin' Down in Your Town. Oroku Saki Paramount. Oroku Saki Batman vs.

Oroku Saki video games. Ch'rell Utrom Shredder video games. Mega Shredder video games. Cyber Shredder video games. Shredder video games. Eric Sacks video games.

Oroku Saki IDW video games. His skin has a few areas with a peach-orange hue, purple, and reddish-pink hue with a few swollen areas and Mutagen veins around the chest, arms, and spikes.

His body has become more muscular with metal blades sticking out of almost every part of his body, as a few silver, metallic spikes that pop out from his chest that look like ribs.

On each of his shoulders, he has three spikes emerging from the skin, as well has three spikes on each of his arms.

His fingers are covered in metal that have sharp fingertips like claws and sharp knuckles. Around the knuckles for each of his hands, he has two retractable, steel claws that are longer than his fingers.

On his back, he has three spikes on his spine that are unequal in length. In the center of his chest, he has a big exposed beating heart with a purplish-blue hue that is surrounded with Mutagen veins.

The only clothing he wears now are his tattered pants, bandages wrapped around his clawed feet. Hanging from his shoulder spikes, Super Shredder, has a tattered cape.

Upon his resurrection by Kavaxas , Shredder's appearane is that of an animated, partially decayed corpse, losing much of his muscle bulk from his time as Super Shredder, his face now exposed and skeletal, with sunken green glowing eyes, matching the colour of his exposed heart.

The Shredder is known for fighting with reckless ferocity, showing little mercy to anyone who stands between him and his conquest. Even with the coming of the end of the world, the Shredder is only concerned with taking revenge on Yoshi, after which nothing else mattered to him.

The world and everything on it can be destroyed for all he cared so long as he struck down his adopted brother. However, after Karai is accidentally mutated because of himself, the Shredder does become slightly sad, but doesn't take responsibly for his own actions.

The Shredder's immense capacity for hatred seems to stem from an inability to accept his own failures and bad actions as just misfortune and mistakes.

Instead he seems to need someone to blame everything on; shown when he blames Splinter for Tang Shen's death, despite being the one who initiated the assault that took her life, and blaming him again for Karai's mutation, despite having put the girl in danger in the first place.

Saki is utterly convinced that Splinter is the cause for all the suffering and misfortune he endures, and considers anyone linked to Splinter to be just as guilty.

He believes that anyone who has contributed to his misfortunes should pay with their lives. The Shredder is also known for his disdain and intolerance towards failure, as he has scolded and threatened Rahzar , Fishface , and Baxter Stockman for being incapable of fulfilling his designated desires at some points; primarily where the turtles and Splinter are concerned.

This seems to extend to his own failings, as when he first fought and defeated the turtles, because he was distracted by the mutation of Bradford and Montes, he was not able to finish them off due to their stealthily escaping him; much to his dismay.

This seems to happen consistently, as in Wormquake! He later displayed aggravation in Return to New York when the turtles, April, Casey, and the mentally restored Splinter managed to again escape his sight.

Also, in Serpent Hunt , when Shredder once again overpowered the turtles, Leo manages to outsmart him by throwing smoke bombs in his face so that he and his brothers could escape once more; which causes the Shredder to become furious especially when the turtles' actions are what resulted in Serpent Karai's own escape.

Oroku Saki , better known as the Shredder , is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ' main nemesis. He is a large man who sports a suit of armor that comes with a helmet that shields his face.

His minions are the Krang and Dog Pound, a large mutant resembling an Akita, a Japanese breed of dog. The Shredder is the overall main antagonist of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The Shredder is far above what a normal human is capable of.

September mit Autumn Reeser Disks als die Erstauflage veröffentlicht. Er ist ihr Mentor Sat 1 Tv Erzieher und lernte sein Wissen durch Nachahmung seines früheren Besitzers Hamato Yoshi in anderen Versionen ist er Hamato Yoshi. Im Gegensatz zu Was Bedeutet Vb bisherigen vier Filmen, baute er auf der Handlung der ersten und zweiten Zeichentrickserie auf. Die Serie kam bei den Zuschauern schlecht an, weshalb sie bereits nach nur einer Staffel wieder eingestellt wurde.


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